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Paper Grant Application

Standard or Mini Grant

We recommending using Miccio's new online grant application! Click here to apply online now.

But if you'd rather apply by paper, you can find our old application here.


Enter the requested information into the grant cover letter, print this page and attach to the front of your grant application packet (packet checklist). Post marked deadlines for grant applications are May 1 and November 1.


Provide SEVEN copies of all your grant material including this cover page! Download cover letter PDF here.

How to Write a Miccio Grant

Please include the following (typed) information with your grant application. Note that the Miccio Grant application process has two parts. We ask that you describe A.) the project which you are requesting funds for and B.) your organization.


A.) Describe your project and include your organization’s need for this project by answering each question below. Use the headings to organize your response.

  1. What is the project that you are requesting funds to complete?

  2. How will this project benefit your organization and/or community?

  3. Who is going to do this project?

  4. When will you start your project and when do you expect your project to be completed?

  5. How will you know if your project is successful?

  6. What are your plans for obtaining matching funds or additional funds?

  7. Provide a line item budget, by category, showing how grant funds will be spent including any funds available from other sources. Group expenses in logical categories. If the project is ongoing, provide the past source of income and previous budget. Please include bids (if applicable) for your current project. If possible, provide more than one bid. List labor and materials donated to this project.

  8. Include a copy of a current letter of support from your community (e.g., local law enforcement, veterinarian, mayor) which is specific to this project. The writer of the letter cannot have a conflict of  interest, financial or otherwise, in the grant funds received (e.g., the veterinarian receiving payment through the funds granted or a member of the grantee's Board of Directors).


B.) Describe your organization and the geographic area that you serve by responding to the items listed below. (Grant funds are for Iowa animals only.)

  1. Where are you located in Iowa and how does your organization serve your local area?

  2. How many animals do you serve per year and in what way?

  3. Please include a copy of your organization’s last compete fiscal year and current year-to-date financial statements including a profit and loss statement (one to two pages using major categories such as program fees, grants, donations, wages, rent, insurance), a balance sheet listing assets and liabilities at the end of the last fiscal quarter, and your operating budget.

  4. Please list your current board members, officers, and directors.

  5. If you are applying for a Standard Miccio grant include a copy of your Iowa Dept. of Agriculture and Land Stewardship (IDALS) pound or shelter license.

  6. NEW: Include a copy of your Certificate of Existence. You can obtain a copy here.


Submit Your Application to:

The Miccio Foundation
P. O. Box 522
Iowa City, Iowa 52244-0522


Provide SEVEN copies of all your grant material.


We appreciate you taking the time to make your grant proposals look professional but it is not necessary to do anything more than staple the proposals. Plastic binders, cardboard folders, etc. are not needed. We do ask that you respond to each item above and that you write-out headings in your proposal that match the numerical questions/requests.

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