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What if a bid expires before the grant due date?

As long you can provide informal confirmation from the contractor that provided the bid that they will honor the original budget, this is not a problem.

What is a good bid or budget?

It is very important to clearly account for where awarded grant money will go. A good budget includes a detailed breakdown of all costs a project will involve, a formal estimate from any contractors to be hired, and an overview of all materials and individuals who will be contribute in any way. A budget that is vague, incomplete, or lacking in detail will result in Miccio declining to fund the application.

What follow-up is required for grant recipients? 

Each organization that receives funding from Miccio must submit a Project Activity Report (PAR) within one year. The board will also sometimes request a site visit. A site visit is not a replacement or alternative for a PAR. Organizations that do not complete a satisfactory PAR will not receive further funding from Miccio.


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