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Jean M. Walker Fund

The aim of the Miccio Foundation's Jean M. Walker Fund is to raise public awareness to improve the humane treatment of animals, including promoting actions to end the cruel and inhumane treatment of animals. The primary focus is companion animals but we will consider all requests. Therefore, the Jean M. Walker Fund will award financial support to individuals and organizations 1) providing educational programming on the humane treatment of animals and/or 2) taking action to end inhumane treatment of animals, particularly the abuse and suffering of companion animals bred under inhumane conditions.

Grants will generally be made to 501c3 organizations classified as public charities, educational and animal welfare organizations, municipalities, and community service groups. We will not support activities inconsistent with federal, state, or local laws and ordinances, and we reserve the right to a phone interview or a request for additional information prior to making funding decisions. Grants are limited to programs and projects that address the wellbeing of animals in Iowa.


Application Deadlines

May 1 & November 1

If you cannot see the online grant application, that means Miccio is between cycles and not accepting applications. The online application will open at least one month before the due date of each cycle.

Grants within the humane education category can be used to support:
  • mass media campaigns on animal welfare

  • educational programming in K-12 schools

  • culturally-sensitive educational programming in communities

  • continuing education for shelter staff and volunteers specific to their role as educators

  • other proposals within the scope of humane education as it applies to overpopulation, care, or the need to adopt

Grants within the category of ending inhumane treatment of companion animals can be used to support:

  • animal cruelty workshops for the public

  • media campaigns to end puppy mills and other dog breeding under inhumane conditions

  • media and database projects documenting breeding facility conditions, dog fighting, abuse, outcomes of court cases, and/or anti-cruelty laws

  • staff training in prevention and investigation of animal cruelty

  • other proposals within the scope of ending inhumane treatment of companion animals

Projects of greatest interest are those that include:

  • a measurable impact on improving animal welfare in a target community

  • areas of the state in which resources for animals are limited or unavailable

  • exemplary projects that can subsequently be imitated by others

  • the potential to create public awareness and positive attitudes, as well as promote actions to end the cruel and inhumane treatment of animals


Each funding cycle, individuals or organizations (regardless of IDALS licensing) may apply for one Jean M. Walker grant in addition to applying for a Mini or Standard grant from the Miccio Foundation. Funding cycles occur twice annually, in May and November.

The Foundation will award up to $2,500 for a Jean M. Walker grant.

Grant Application

Fill out your application via the link below.

Online Application Coming Soon!

Submission Information


Mail seven copies of all your grant materials to the address shown below:

The Miccio Foundation
P. O. Box 522
Iowa City, Iowa 52244-0522

Other Forms


Successful grant applicants will complete a Project Activity Report (PAR) no later than one year after grant is awarded.

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