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Award Recipients

Miccio has funded a wide variety of organizations since its inception in 2001. Our board reviews every application we receive with great care. Decisions on what funds will be awarded where are made during a process of discussion until consensus is reached.


Our funding decisions are based on the principles and ideals of Miccio’s founder, Ursula Delworth. The board adheres to standards laid out in our documents and bi-laws when we make decisions.

The board is more likely to award funding to applications that:

  • Include a clear start and end point.

  • Will have a measurable impact that can be supported with data.

  • Include a detailed budget.

  • Include a coherent plan for who will do the work and when it will be done.

  • Involve undertakings that have a greater than 1:1 impact. (Meaning the project helps create circumstances from which many animals will benefit.)

The board is more likely to pass over grants applications that:

  • Are low-effort or lacking in detail.

  • Have vague outcomes that can't be quantified.

  • Benefit only a single animal.

  • Come from past award recipients who were late with their PAR late or submitted a PAR that lacked detail.

The board will not fund grants applications that:

  • Come from past award recipients who did not submit a PAR to report on outcomes.

  • Do not meet requirements as stated on the application.

Miccio is focused on creating positive change

If a project has no plan or method in place to measure its impact, Miccio is unlikely to be interested in providing funding. A plan for your PAR should be in place before you apply. 

Funds are limited

As much as the board wishes it could fund every application we receive, we are working each cycle with a limited budget. This means we must divide funds between applicants. Our primary consideration is sending our dollars to where they will do the most good.


Unique and detailed applications are most likely to receive funding. Every grant cycle, we receive multiple applications with similar proposed benefits. 


Every cycle, we see multiple requests for support for the following types of programs or undertakings:


  • TNR programs.

  • Emergency vet facility setup or maintenance.

  • Emergency vet care.


While Miccio believes in all of the above and funds these kinds of projects often, applications of these types will have stiff competition. Keep that in mind when you are applying and include details to make it clear why your project will make a difference! 

Please see our FAQ page for further details.

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